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Funding Request Form for Student Programs

In order to further support our student organizations, the Center will be providing funding for organization events and programs. Funding will be provided based on the merit of the request and availability of funds. Please take the time to completely fill out the form below. If your request doesn't get a response after a week, please notify India Alexander via email of your request.

Please indicate the name of the program/event you are planning/hosting.
Please list the organization primarily responsible for the event first before listing any co-sponsors.
Please list any departments (like the Center for example) on campus directly involved with the event.
Please include a name, e-mail, and phone number.
Please include a name, e-mail, and phone number.
Please indicate the location of the event and include the status of the reservation for the location - reservation is confirmed, pending, or has not yet been made.
Please indicate the total number of people you anticipate will attend your program. Then indicate specifically how many engineering students and other attendees are expected. Say what you have done to guarantee these numbers.
Please say what the purpose or goal for the program is. Also indicate how the program can increase awareness of the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering.
Indicate the tentative date of the program. If the date is subject to change, indicate that in the "Planning Details" box and notify India Alexander via email when a new date is confirmed.
When do you need the funds you are requesting? Please allow 7-10 business days for funds to be appropriated.
Please indicate the method you'll like to receive the requested funds (check or KFS account). Also indicate who/what the check should be made out to and the KFS account number as necessary.
Please use the space below to indicate the following items: How much funding is needed; An itemized budget for the program; What the funding is needed specifically for; And if UMD facilities and/or catering will be used if funding is for room rental or food.
Please indicate other organizations/departments you are requesting funds from and how much. Please also say why you are specifically requesting funds from the Center for Minorities in Science.
Please detail the impacts of funding if not fully funded. For example, if your request is for $500 but we can only fund $200 how does that impact your event?
Please describe any pertinent details regarding the planning and execution of this program. Also indicate any other thing you will like to note.